Where do I post general questions about VBA? Trying to find an older version, but not sure what it was exactly.

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Where do I post general questions about VBA? Trying to find an older version, but not sure what it was exactly.

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I'm looking for an older version, but can't seem to find the appropriate forum for that.

Recently VBA crashed on me and- somehow or another- deleted itself in the process. All my save files are fine, I checked to make sure it wasn't flagged by my anti-virus, I don't know what happened, but it's gone. I've been trying to redownload it so I can review Golden Sun: The Lost Age (I rip my ROMs myself with a GB Operator)- I found a couple different versions, but they don't seem to have the option I want for full screen- since I am recording and the GBA has a native resolution of 240x160, I was running it in full screen at the lowest possible resolution- namely, 640x480; this makes the video footage take up much less space than the over six times higher resolution of modern HD- since I'm recording something that's so low res to begin with, I have no desire to waste harddrive space with HD captures.

However, the versions I've found recently seem to automatically display at my monitor's native resolution (1080p) when I go full screen with no apparent option to change this. Does anyone know what version of VBA I might have been using before and where I can redownload it? I thought it was a version of VBA-M, but both 2.1.4 and 2.0.2 seem to lack this ability- fullscreen is always native resolution which is simply awful for emulating such a low res system and recording. It seems very difficult to find the 1.9.X versions, though I suspect that may be what it was? It did have vbam.ini as the initialization file.

And no, it wasn't VBA 1.80 or earlier versions- though those do seem to have a more primitive version of the function in question, they also seem to have clipping issues when I try to play Golden Sun on them.

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