A few issues about VBA-M

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A few issues about VBA-M

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Hello, back in early 2000's I was using VBA 1.7.X and later on, 1.8 Link.

I saw many people hopping on the VBA-M version, so I thought I'd give it a go.


There are 2 huge issues I have with VBA-M:


1) VBA-M is dropping frames. I tried many different settings in VBA-M to get rid of this problem, but I couldn't fix it. I tried different versions of VBA-M, still the same result. This is the reason why I'm still staying with good old VBA 1.8 Link.


2) The speedup on VBA is much slower compared to old VBA versions.


Is anyone else experiencing those issues?
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A few issues about VBA-M

Post by ZachBacon »

Updated post topic to reflect that these aren't opinions but issues. I'll look into it later.
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