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VisualBoyAdvance-M [svn 1206 MFC] info and download

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:15 am
by Squall Leonhart

VisualBoyAdvance-M [svn 1206 MFC] info and download

General Info:

VBA-M is a [super] Game Boy emulator for Windows, Linux & Mac. Here you can get information about the latest development build of the Windows version and download it while you're at it.

Core and code improvements

  • Improvements to ARM/Thumb ASM (and C_CORE if the given preprocessor is set) that have improved various hardware behavior.
  • Improvements to Memory access resolving issues with the wrong bytes being returned and fixes to a DMA Fetch that was not behaving properly.
  • Resolved some issues occuring due to an abuse of opengl, hq3/4x filters now work without colour issues.

Games fixed


  • Croket 2 - would freeze when walking to the left of the snowman
  • Jurassic Park Builder/Creator - text would be scrambled
  • Lufia - scrambled text on main menu after cancelling the load screen
  • Moto GP - register not implemented
  • Phantasy Star Collection - text regression introduced and subsequently fixed
  • V-rally 3 - graphics regression introduced and subsequently fixed
  • Megaman: Battle network 1-3 and possibly many others - hanging on start. (1204)
  • Megaman Battlenetwork - freeze (1205)


  • Duke Nukem - Hud and menu now work. GBC video emulation needs more work however, the hack used is not correct and might cause issues elsewhere. (1194, 1197, 1206)
  • Zelda Oracles garbage line at bottom of intro (1206)

Not a bug


  • Digimon Racing EU - freezes during intro's
  • Resolution: Enable Linking, this game checks the serial bus to see if link cable and gba's are connected at start and will not progress if the interface reports a invalid/nulled value.


  • Links Awakening - Sprite issues when sword beaming and when moving around with chomp
  • Resolution: Accurate Emulation. This occurs on real hardware and is because the Line/Sprite limit is reached. Other emulators use a hack to show all sprites - we may investigate such a hack in the future but for now this is not a real issue.

Changes in this release:

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fixes zelda oracles without breaking duke nukem or 007

Implement memory mirrors for SRAM/FLASH. Correctly handle 16/32bit reads from SRAM. Removed unaligned handler for CPUReadHalfWordSigned.

This fixes the colour issue when using opengl and a HQ3 or 4x filter.

Revert changes to the ioReadable table from r1200 which broke Megaman Battle Network series.

normatt was missing from readme

Move the cpuDmaHack assignments into doDMA. (Fixes Croket 2 regression)

Re-added the DMA Prefetch buffer. This fixes Phantasy Star Collection.

another tom harder patch, fixing some warnings in the gvbam and wxvbam

commiting Tim Harders patch for libav/ffmpeg

bring branches into line fixes duke nukem on bgk-link and silences gcc warning on trunk ignore a few more files

Fixed register used in asm.

reduce new lines fix duke nukem cgb menu | in my limited testing this has not regressed any other games.

dirty buildfix for linux, can do it properly later.

Make the asm code increment lsl/lsr/asr rm by 4 if rm is pc. (ASM now passes the armwrestler MOV opcode test)

Fix clock cycles in some arm/thumb opcodes. Implement missing ARM instruction used in the wstein.gba homebrew. Remove cpuDmaHack has it causes graphical glitches in Lufia and incorrectly handles unmapped reads.

revert the > to >> change, fixes regression in loading ppmd 7z files.

couldn't just add a guy who's contributed more in 3 days then anyone has in the last 3 years to the "Contributors" list ;D

some small pvs warning fixes

move around apu reset a bit, doesn't seem to have broken anything

Fix handling of unused memory when reading 16/8 bit data.

Add missing ARM opcode variant strh (w=1) used in several homebrew gba demos (e.g. afire).

removed /D_ST_MODEL/D_SECURE_SCL=0 %(AdditionalOptions) from the vcxproj its redundant in VS2010 and VS2012, and seems to be a source of build errors in VS2012 for some reason.

Make 32bit read out of bounds not get rotated if they are unaligned.

hopefully fixed unaligned reads correctly this time...

Fix yet another oversight in the unaligned read code. Implemented missing thumb opcode (Which is invalid according to gbatek but Moto GP seems to use it)

opps forgot to change change the unaligned 16bit rotate to check against old address.

Fixed unaligned 16/32 bit reads.

update to 2013

fixed nasm props again

commit this and see who complains? [img][/img]

remove c_core from default preprocessors

some changes to how SubWCRev works, resolving build issues when attempting to build from a source tar and adding it back to dependencies. also deletes the wx build folder because its not going going anywhere fast on windows.

more improvements to gba-arm by Normmatt

lets commit the right version of the arm patch this time eh.

Applied fixes to NormMatts r1150 fixes - V-Rally 3 working again Re-added nasm.props to vs2008 build folder + changes to nasm.rules for spaces in paths.

implement ALL of abhoriels patch correctly.

GBA: Revert r1150 since it adds artifacts in (at least) V-Rally 3

NLS: Update translations from Transifex 

NLS: Apply native endlines SVN properties 

GTK: Apply patch #3524058 - Auto-load/save cheats

GTK: Updated the .desktop file to validate 

GTK: Fix "#3598672 - emulated system option in gvbam changes by itself in Linux"

GBA: Fix build 

commit abhoriels RSBS and RSCS patch

patch to correct some behavior in arm tests.


VisualBoyAdvance-M SVN1206 (click to download)

VisualBoyAdvance-M [svn 1206 MFC] info and download

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 3:30 am

Nice. It's a shame that 64-Bit was discontinued since the VisualBoyAdvance347_x64 and wxvbam-64-svn1159 builds of VBA-M though.

Most of the worlds old faithful XP and Vista machines are now 10 years old and starting their blue screening and hard drive and equiptment failing phaze other than those who have been lucky.

In essence most people are being forced onto 7 - 10 now due to the aging hardware breakdowns just like by case in Janurary this year on my old Vista PC and most pre loaded OS versions on the new computers use the 64-Bit which means if a 64-Bit is maintained more silky smooth movements on the screen and better emulation for those with PC's who can handle it like I can now.

I hope 2.0 Beta 64Bit or 2.0 SVN Beta in 64-Bit comes out soon as it's very much needed now but thanks for the good work on the now outdated for most people 32-Bit version as a lot of us need this too those still on old faithful XP for example.

I wanted to post this on the following build but had to post it on the earlier one as the latest is blocked but yeah us with upgraded hardware needs our powerhouse version revived from the depths of the not so up to date 2009 and 2013 death brinks because all new PC's are 64-Bit now it's no longer an obscore rareity Windows build but the main one of Windows 10 although 32-Bit stuff does work but doesn't work with the full OS power running it because it's 32-Bit.

I think if we at VBA-M were to revive 64-Bit at all now is definitely the time to do so now that all new PC's are headed that way as their default OS arcitecture.

Yeah, guys please provide us with a version again to take advantage of our new hardware.

Yeah it was a bit silly starting in 2009 and 2013 when every new computer still was being issued with the 32-Bit Windows OS and I agree with you stopping after those few tries as 64-Bit was obscore then but now Windows 10 64-Bit in 2016 is the pre installed OS for everyone so it's a different kettle of fish and we now need the double decker option of 32/64-Bit installs.

Yeah, I appreciate the discision to stop the build whilst it wasn't doing very well due to many people being stuck on the 32's but now that the blue screens are happening and we are buying Windows 10 64s to replace our old dead systems now is the time for a good old 64-Bit peminent revival in 2016.

Obviously it's not a request just a notice that most PC's are now 64-Bit and we need this version back on a perminent revival as it was an old version that was discontinued and we need it for our new hardware although the 32-Bit will work fine but it just wouldn't be as system emulation perfect than a 64-Bit version on the 64-Bit system as a 64-Bit system is able to handle more emulation power for smoother system emulation of even this 32-Bit pocket hardware.

VisualBoyAdvance-M [svn 1206 MFC] info and download

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:07 pm
by Squall Leonhart
There is no need for visualboy advance to go 64bit, there is no benefit to it, and it would simply be using more registers to do nothing.