How to Set Turbo in v2.1.4

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How to Set Turbo in v2.1.4

Post by petrus »

I have made it that this post may function as stand-alone outside the introductory topic. Feel free to move somewhere else if you decided to have a quick guide section.

How to modify Speed Throttle setting (otherwise called Turbo Mode)

I am using the VBA-M version from here ->

First thing that I noticed is that VBA-M gets pretty confused if you've changed one setting too many so it is good to firstly reset the Emulator to its default settings.

  1. Go to Help -> Factory Reset

    step1.png (12.9 KiB) Viewed 1939 times

    This will remove all your previous settings (and all your previous attempts at fixing the speed issue :)).

  2. Restart the emulator.

  3. Load a ROM (I am using Pokemon Leaf Green)

  4. Now you should be able to run the game in Turbo mode (1000% of normal gameplay)

  5. Go to OPTIONS -> VIDEO -> and enable the status bar to see the the game's speed in the right bottom corner of the screen.

    step3.png (13.97 KiB) Viewed 1939 times
  6. Press TAB or go to EMULATION -> Turbo Mode to turn on the Turbo mode.

However you may want to slow the turbo mode down a bit (just like me). To do this you need to modify one setting. But before that a safety warning.


Don't change any setting that has % and throttle mentioned in its name:

  • "Speed Up Throttle" from OPTIONS -> Speed Up - Turbo mode

  • "Throttle % of normal from OPTIONS -> General

In order to modify the speed of Turbo Mode all you need to do is to modify the "Speedup Frame Skip field"


  • "Speedup Frame Skip field" from OPTIONS -> Speed Up - Turbo mode

By default this field has the value "9" which means that the game will run at 1000% speed. I have it set up to 3 which gives Turbo mode at 400%.

Your set up should look similarly as my (see below). Don't touch anything that is marked in red :).

step2.png (14.59 KiB) Viewed 1939 times

Hope this helps.

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Re: How to Set Turbo in v2.1.4

Post by Chosen »

Thanks for posting this. This is exactly was I was looking for after having some issues with the turbo mode settings (I was changing the "Speedup Throttle" setting). However, I still can't get it to work correctly. I followed the steps you outline and set the "Speedup Frame Skip" to 2, but when I turn turbo mode on, it jumps to 1000% speedup. I had mixed results with "Speedup Throttle", so I might experiment with that a little more. Any thoughts about what I might be doing wrong?


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Re: How to Set Turbo in v2.1.4

Post by Crocodillian »

Try the nightly, it has a revamped interface and mechanism for this.

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