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This is a new SoundFont-based usermode MIDI system driver for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

It uses the BASSMIDI library by Ian Luck, as the synthesiser.



* Dynamic sample caching

* Unlimited polyphony

* SoundFont chaining/stacking

* Works on Windows Vista and Windows 7, including 64-bit versions.

* Support for the following controllers & events:


MIDI note events.

MIDI program events.

Channel pressure.

Pitch wheel.

Bank change MSB. (CC#0)

Modulation. (CC#1)

Portamento. (CC#65 / CC#84 / CC#5)

Volume. (CC#7)

Panning. (CC#10)

Expression. (CC#11)

Sustain pedal. (CC#64)

Soft pedal. (CC#67)

Low-pass filter resonance. (CC#71 or NRPN 121h)

Release time. (CC#72 or NRPN 166h)

Attack time. (CC#73 or NRPN 163h)

Low-pass filter cut-off. (CC#74 or NRPN 120h)

Reverb send level. (CC#91)

Chorus send level. (CC#93)

Stop all sounds. (CC#120)

Reset all controllers. (CC#121)

Release all keys. (CC#123)

Mono/poly mode. (CC#126 and CC#127, respectively.)

Pitch wheel range. (RPN 0)

Fine tuning. (RPN 1)

Coarse tuning. (RPN 2)


And presumably if GS/GM2 mode is activated:

Drum key low-pass filter cut-off. (NRPN 14knh)

Drum key low-pass filter resonance. (NRPN 15knh)

Drum key coarse tune. (NRPN 18knh)

Drum key fine tune. (NRPN 19knh)

Drum key volume level. (NRPN 1Aknh)

Drum key panning. (NRPN 1Cknh)

Drum key reverb send level. (NRPN 1Dknh)

Drum key chorus send level. (NRPN 1Eknh)


It also supports GM, GS, and XG reset System Exclusive messages, and the drum channel enabling features of GS and XG when switched into those modes. It also supports GS and possibly XG reverb preset control messages for adjusting reverb time, delay, low-pass cut-off, high-pass cut-off, and level. And chrorus delay, depth, rate, feedback, level, and chorus to reverb send level. It also supports the master volume level message.


This was a joint effort between kode54 and I. Commercial licensing is available, subject to negotations between both of us.
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