Getting XBCD To Work With Windows 8

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Getting XBCD To Work With Windows 8

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Been a while since I've been on the forums but I remember a lot of people having issues with getting the driver to install on Windows 8.


The solution is rather simple.


1. Restart your PC

2. Mash the F8 key to bring up your advanced boot options

3. Scroll down with the arrow key and select Disable Driver Digital Signature Enforcement

4. Windows will proceed to load without driver signature enforcement enable.

5. Run the setup / install the driver. Windows will warn you that the driver is not signed but you can go ahead and install it.

6. Restart normally to re-enable Driver Digital Signature Enforcement.


Hope this helps you guys out!



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Getting XBCD To Work With Windows 8

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this won't be required once 0.2.8 is made available.