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How to load NO$GBA battery save in VBA-M?

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 2:20 pm
by mike20599

I have a 128 KB battery save from NO$GBA, but I can't get it working with VBA-M. I tried renaming it be the same as the rom but with .sav as the extension, but VBA-M just overwrites it with a blank 8 KB save. I've tried importing it and messing with the Options -> GBA -> Configure -> Save Type settings, but none of them seem to help. Either the game will load with a blank save, or I will get an in-game message saying the save data is corrupt. Does anyone have any ideas?

I'm trying to play Zelda - A Link to the Past with all the Four Swords content unlocked, namely the Palace of the Four Sword and the lumberjack riddle quest. To do that you need a save game with 10 Medals of Courage from Four Swords. I found a save game online that has that, which is 64 KB, but VBA-M will not load it. I was able to load it in NO$GBA, but that emulator isn't very good in comparison. I also tried getting the 10 Medals myself by using VBA Link and playing 2 copies at the same time, but the bosses are next to impossible that way.