Changes in git etc

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Changes in git etc

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So then, sorry for an extremely late update on the improvement plan for vba-m. Been busy with life and job that I haven't gotten round to it properly. However I have some free time.

Part one of the update was to go for a more uniform styling for code, remove some unneeded typedefs etc (which is gonna be a pain to replace with the proper code line, by, line.) But in the end it'll help improve things quite a bit in terms of readability and eventually improvements to the codebase.


So for now until the changes (at least where typedef format is concerned) git is off limits till the change is complete, or unless you're helping out and submitting pull requests.

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Changes in git etc

Post by streamholder »

Hey there.


I'm Riccardo, I'm a programmer and I'd really like to contribute to the project.


I'm somewhat familiar with the GBA hardware, however I suspect emulation won't be my greatest contribution (and honestly it seems that you're doing well already!). I can work on improving the UI (it kind of needs it :angel: ), or refactoring code, or improving input (allowing controller buttons to be mapped to shortcuts, for example, is something that I personally miss), or pretty much anything else that needs to be done.


I'm pretty familiar with Git. The question is, pretty much, where do I start? Where do the devs of the projects hang out? Do you have a coding style, a roadmap, a to-do list, or any other kind of development documentation?


Best regards.

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