Cannot start VBA-M

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Cannot start VBA-M

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I've downloaded the latest version of VBA-M in the hopes to use the better filters that VBA is, from what i can tell, is missing.


When trying to start the program, an error stating the following:


"The program can't start because d3dx9_41.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."


When searching for a solution to this problem I discovered that you need to go to microsoft and download the directx installer and run it. Unfortunately this doesn't fix my problem so it seems to be on VBA-M's side. VBA runs fine but the "M" version is the only thing I have that has ever had this problem.


Also while searching I noticed in these forums that mods like to simply refer people to the readme file.


There are a few problems with this. One being that the readme does not mention this problem, as a matter of fact it does not mention any problems. There is a list of links that take you to downloads of things required to run VBA-M (for some reason either you don't need these things for VBA or I aready had them.)

Secondly, if there is a solution to a problem then a mod should tell the person the solution and not refer them to something else that does not explicitly fix said problem.


I have downloaded and installed everything listed in the readme file except for whatever "zLib" is. The link is broken. I searched google for this, was taken to a strange website and downloaded zlib-1.2.11.tar.gz but it is not a file I can run as I do not have a program that can open it. I just put this file in the same folder I keep VBA-M in.


If someone could tell me how to fix this error then I would very much appreciate it as from what I can tell VBA-M is a better program than VBA as it has more filter like the hqx4 or so I've read.

I found the source of my problem. Everything I've found about this is counter intuitive.


I went to "" which is the official website for this application from what I can tell. At the top of the screen I clicked:


"Downloads --> VBA-M(which says all vba-m downloads are here) --> Release Builds --> Windows x64 --> Visualboyadvancem878"


This zip folder included, VBA-M and two text files including the readme. Unfortunately, Nothing I did from there seemed to get rid of my "d3dx9_41.dll is missing" error problem.


As it turns out, the way I downloaded this was the incorrect way to go about getting the emulator downloaded, installed and running properly on your PC. You DO NOT go to the download section of this website to get this emulator. You must, from the home page go to: "SourceForge Project Page --> Download"


This takes you to another website to download the true VBA-M. This zip folder only contains VBA-M. No readme. Only VBA-M, which once ran will install a couple of files and startup and run just fine. At least for me it did once I discovered all this.


There are a couple of problems with this. Something I've noticed is that if someone has questions about how to get VBA-M working the Mod will say, "readme." Sometimes only just that one word. The readme only came with a version that did not work for my PC and the version that does work doesn't come with a readme file. Very counter intuitive.


If the version that does not work has a readme and the Mod refers people to the readme when the program doesn't work, like in my case, it's like saying, "Here's the instructions to piece together a desk but I broke the desktop over my knee." If the version that works doesn't have a readme then that is like saying, "Here's the desk you need to piece together. It doesn't have instructions but if you have trouble just read the instructions."


The only time I did not see a Mod simply refer a troubled user to the readme, he/she asked if the troubled one had used the installer or if they had merely slapped the application in a folder and tried to run it. I thought, " Wait a moment. It didn't have an installer and the readme doesn't mention an installer but I got this directly from the projects official website."


Well I figured out how to do get the REAL version and now I'm replying to my post to let everyone know my problem has been fixed and how I fixed it so that others may learn from my experience and the community can grow.


An easy fix to this problem that would make everything easier for everyone? (except the mods who simply refer you to a file you may or may not have depending on if you did the "correct" way of getting this" Just make a link called "Get VBA-M" that takes you to a download page that gives you the correct version (the version that installs itself) and Include a readme in that download.


The real issue here? I spent an entire day trying to figure out what -I- did wrong when really it was at the fault of lazy moderation and terrible, backwards thinking websites. If the working version of the application had been put in the "Downloads" section of the site (you know, the place you'd think you would go to DOWNLOAD this thing) then I could have gotten this thing running in two minutes. The moderators only refer you to the readme when you have certain problems and the readme had nothing to do with my problem, so if the moderator had asked, "Have you done this or that? Well then your problem must be this."


Think I'm wrong? Well that is exactly how my problem was fixed. I found one instance of a Mod asking that exact question and that made something click and I found the solution.


TLDR; The website doesn't tell you how to properly download VBA-M by going to this sites home page and clicking "SourceForge Page" and downloading it there. Moderators don't help with your problems, just refer you to the readme. The readme doesn't help every problem, hence you should help them with their problem. Don't have time to do that? Don't be a Mod/get more Mods.
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Cannot start VBA-M

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You're complaining about something that 99% of other users had no problems figuring out

You also contravened the forum piracy policy that you agreed to at sign-up and asked for a way to download games.

You're also complaining about where to obtain the files in a forum that has a "Latest Release" category.

and Wall of texted to say practically nothing.


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