Single Window Multi Emulation

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Single Window Multi Emulation

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This may have been asked before.

Basically I need a GBA emulator with multi emulation in the same window. No$GBA has this feature but the emulator is terrible and after the first time you load it, it saves a config file and can no longer open, amazing. It also doesn't have the wealth of graphical improvements and support that VBA-M has.

My reasoning is that I use a steamlink in my living room for emulation. The Steamlink focuses on an open window to display but since VBA-M is split into two unique window processes it doesn't know which one to focus on.

I'd like to play fire red and leaf green and other GBA games with my partner in crime so I was wondering this single window multi emulation is something that would be useful to people/an easy addition to add. It would also allow full screen to function correctly over multiple emulators rather than having two seperate windows with borders which ruins the immersion.

Anyway, food for though!

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