Game compatibility: how to

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Hard Core Rikki
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Game compatibility: how to

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In order to keep things efficient, a number of info would be desirable, so compatibility issues could be looked into.

  • which emulator version was used (or SVN revision)
  • which platform (XP, XP64 bits, Vista, Linux, MacOS X 10.4, etc...)
  • sound/graphics issues, if any
  • speed/performance (please mention your processor)
  • game title
  • game type (GBA/GB/GBC)
  • Rom Name
  • Region code (E,U,J,A,G,S,I,F,.. thats Europe, USA, Japan, Australia (i think), Germany, Spain, Italy, France.
  • Rom Version (1.0,1.1, etc...)
  • Game Code (for example, Yugioh GX Dual academy is BYGE). See the properties of the game in VBA-M.
  • If the game requires VBA-Over.ini, mention it.
  • if VBA-Over.ini is required, mention the settings required. (so that it can be added if its not there already.).
  • Is RTC required: Yes or No
  • If the game works ok with just Automatic/Automatic and automatic save type, just a mention that it works with the defaults would be enough.

PS: feel free to edit this as desired, then remove this line.

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Game compatibility: how to

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we posted something similar in the old board iirc
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